Which Next-gen Console Should You Buy?

Which Next-gen Console Should You Buy?

Playstation 5 or Xbox Series? Which next-gen console is worth your money?

Both Sony and Microsoft have presented an extremely powerful duo, with both consoles having remarkable features; almost similar if you ask me.

The difference only comes in with the diverse games they offer, their user interface, and the experience they each aim to deliver across their new generation.

These two powerful consoles have many similarities and determining which one to pick might solely depend on your personal preferences.

Let us take a look at some of these similarities and features and see what might just tickle your fancy.


Both standard Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles go for £449 each, with the digital-only version of the Playstation 5 costing a little bit less at £359.

This gives the Playstation an upper hand.

Xbox Series S is a cheaper console version that goes for £249 but not as powerful, considering the storage is reduced to almost half and has lesser features compared to the other consoles.

The Playstation 5 takes the win when it comes to the cost.


Both of these two consoles are big.

They are purposefully big to house the components that enable them to achieve the incredible specs they have.

Their dimensions are; Playstation 5 390mmx104mmx260mm 4.5kg. Xbox Series X 150mmx150mmx300mm 4.4kg

The PS5 towers over the Xbox Series X with an unusual design. However, if you want a more subtle look, then the Xbox Series X will be your console since it is angular, has a black color, and resembles a desktop.

Sony also provides you with a stand that comes with the console.

Features and Controllers

The Xbox Series X has an outstanding feature where you can swap actively into six different games without going through all menus or waiting for anything to load.

This is a huge selling point of this console. The PS5 itself is nowhere close to beating this feature in the Xbox Series X.

When it comes to the controllers, the Xbox Series X does not have so many upgrades compared to their previous generation– just a textured grip that feels better when gaming and an added share button.

The PS5 controller has new features with responsive inputs. It has haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that go a long way to enhance the gaming experience of games on the PS5 console.

User Interface.

The PS5 interface employs a title based interface that has been used in the previous generation but has added features such as the command center.

The command center encapsulates certain aspects of the interface such as audio settings, friends list, and your profile.

This new feature, however, has made the interface of the PS5 more cumbersome to navigate through.

On the flip side, the interface on the Xbox Series X has hardly changed and everything is almost similar to the previous generation.

The reduced load times, on the other hand, has made it difficult to throw any criticism to the Xbox console because it is fast and efficient.


Both Microsoft and Sony have come up with two of the most powerful gaming consoles ever.

From the CPU, GPU, memory bandwidth, external memory, Input/output throughput to performance. Both consoles come through with almost similar abilities that will last longer and work perfectly throughout some years.

The only noticeable difference between the two consoles comes in with the internal memory and the GPU.

The Xbox Series X has some extra storage in Solid State Drive but this feature does not make much of a difference between the two consoles.


These two Next-gen consoles have very desirable features that are almost similar and are aimed to enhance the user experience while playing.

Which console you would prefer heavily depends on your interest and your investments in the ecosystem.

Every aspect that we have looked at brings both next-gen consoles to an almost draw.

However, the true performance is evident from the reviews given by other gamers who’ve used and compared these two consoles.

All these are purchasable at any electronic outlets near you or online at designated shops. You can check out what other gamers think about these two consoles; their differences, pricing, and the stores that sell them.

You should not only look at product reviews but also reviews about the shop you are intending to buy from. Therefore remember to read computer and electronic shop reviews. As an example, if you wish to get your console from ShopTo, then you should read customer reviews about ShopTo, it will give you better insights on how their overall customer service is, and as you know, this also reflects on the quality of products they ship.

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