Get to Know the Internet of Things (IoT)

Get to Know the Internet of Things (IoT)

Since the pandemic began, many companies have had difficulty maintaining business productivity due to the lack of physical employee attendance. This hinders monitoring of goods’ condition, slows down the planning of business operations, and makes it difficult to check employee performance. As a result, companies not only have to face market changes, but operational policies must also change to maintain business continuity.

Rapid adaptation must be made to offer efficient remote operational and transaction solutions, especially in this transition period. One of the Internet of Things solutions is SD-WAN technology that can add efficiency that makes your business responsive and strong in facing various changes in New Normal.

However, how does IoT increase this efficiency? This article will discuss non-technical definitions, history, benefits, and examples of applying the Internet of Things technology to business.

What is the Internet of Things

Broadly speaking, the Internet of Things or IoT is a communication technology between machines using an internet connection. This form of smart communication is also called Machine-to-Machine (M2M) with humans as managers and users.

Just as cell phones can become smartphones because they are connected to the internet, machines and business equipment can also be smart because they are connected to the internet. Machinery in factories, banking equipment, security cameras in public spaces, even sensors in agricultural fields, can all be smart devices.

The Internet of Things is not limited to the industrial context, but can also be used for daily needs. Such as home voice control, doorbells, smart lights, room pollution monitors, and so on.

When your various business assets are connected to the internet, you can get detailed information about your current business condition or in real-time. So, operational planning, monitoring work performance, and maintaining the quality of goods can be done based on the right data. If you want your business to continue running normally, without worrying about network security, ease of transactions, and cost efficiency, then Teldat’s advanced SD-WAN products are the answer. Please visit for more information.

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