Fundraising and Micro Investments in The World Of Blockchain

Fundraising and Micro Investments in The World Of Blockchain

The business world and the trading world have definitely changed in the past couple of years. The progression of particular pieces of technology and the subsequent contamination in regards to their usage in business has been tangibly proven to be targeted by a lot of different enterprises, ranging from Santander to Amazon. A small but important example of the usage of experimental technologies is definitely related to the Blockchain. Let’s analyse the picture in more detail.

The Santander Experiment

Blockchain has been used in Santander’s recent development to plan an internal cryptocurrency which could be used for microtransactions, investments and stock trading. The idea, very cleverly put together, is relying on the easiness of trading via such currencies, without the “untraceable” part. In fact, the internal currency has been relying on an internally clocked chain algorithm which, in simpler terms, is completely commanded by Santander itself.

The Fintech Realm

Since 2015, the fintech sector has developed massively. The search for tangible results when it comes to technological updates in the finance world has been bigger than ever: Elon Musk has stated, recently, how the world of investment is relying on data science and overall machine learning projections to decide whether an investment route is stable/could guarantee results. In general, data science in the fintech realm has become probably the biggest and easiest example of technological applications within the finance world.

The Powerhouse Of Blockchain-based Startups

Since its earliest beginnings, the blockchain has been a startup-related matter. Mainly because the development side of startups has always been following a “practical approach” with proven results wherever developers were able to prove their value in building applications (in fields ranging from bridging loans to any form of financial related tools), the Blockchain has always been a startup matter.

The Evolution Of Blockchain

Saying that the blockchain will become an industry standard for every financial process is definitely a hazard at this stage since no one knows how the entire sector will respond to this very matter: will company embrace this particular business phenomenon just like UK Bridging Loans or will they keep on relying on an old school-related approach to finance?

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