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How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts in Your Web Hosting Business?

How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts in Your Web Hosting Business?

In today’s times, a website has become a must for businesses of all sizes. Many self-employed professionals and even job seekers are launching their own websites to increase their reach within the digital community. Since every website needs a host – a place where the site resides, web hosting has evolved into an important service. While there is a plethora of hosting companies around the globe, the demand for good hosting services is always on the rise, creating a lot of space for reseller hosting service providers. A hosting reseller offers customized hosting plans to his clients at competitive rates and personalized after-sales service, making it a better option than buying a hosting plan directly from the hosting provider. If you are a hosting reseller or plan to become one, then this article will offer information about how you can manage multiple client accounts in your Reseller Web Hosting business. 

Traditionally, hosting resellers usually opted for spreadsheets or proprietary billing software to manage clients. While these tools did the job, WHMCS does it in a more efficient manner. 

Web Host Manager Complete Solution – WHMCS

WHMCS is a comprehensive tool that helps you in client management for the web hosting business. It is a handy tool for hosting resellers allowing them to automate several processes while managing multiple clients with ease.

How can you use WHMCS to manage multiple clients in Reseller Web Hosting?

One of the best features of WHMCS is client management. A reseller can view the following details about the client on WHMCS:

  1. Summary – overview of the client’s details
  2. Profile – option to change the client’s contact details
  3. Contacts – allows you to view and edit the client’s contacts and sub-accounts
  4. Products/Services – view/edit service details
  5. Domains – view/edit nameservers and whois details and add/remove the registry lock
  6. Invoices – manage client invoices
  7. Quotes – view/edit/add/delete client quotes
  8. Transactions – view/edit/delete client transaction records
  9. Tickets – search/view the tickets raised by the client
  10. Emails/Notes/Logs

These options allow the reseller to automate or easily manage a wide range of services like setting up of new accounts as well as domains, managing existing accounts, consolidating client communication, and setting up of tools which allow the clients to service many requests themselves. The best part is that WHMCS being compatible with more than 200 service providers and control panels like cPanel, Plesk, Enom, Solus VM, Weebly, Reseller Club, Cloudflare, Symantec, Direct Admin, etc., it makes it an important aspect of your reseller hosting business. 

It is important to note that WHMCS is paid software. While some hosting providers might offer free WHMCS services, some others might pass on the charges. Hence, you must check with the hosting provider before buying the service. 

Summing Up

As a hosting reseller, managing multiple clients efficiently is the key to establishing and growing your business. WHMCS is the perfect tool to help you achieve that with great support from the online community. Ensure that you talk to your hosting provider and get access … Read More..