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3 Tips to Keep the Windshield from Scratches

3 Tips to Keep the Windshield from Scratches

A car windshield is like an “eye” for a car. If the windshield of the car is clean and clear, then this will make the car look more attractive. In addition, the clarity of the windshield of the car will also greatly help motorists to monitor conditions outside the car. Especially if you drive at night or in rainy conditions, then this certainly requires clear windshields of the car with which the driver will be able to see clearly ahead or conditions outside the car.

So, what if the car’s windshield is scratched? This will certainly affect the clarity of the glass and result in the limited visibility of the driver. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain the condition of the windshield of the car is always clear and not scratched. Because actually, there are some behaviors that sometimes we unconsciously do that actually make scratches on the windshield of the car. If you already have a scratch or damage to your windshield, just bring it to the best windshield service, the windshield replacement phoenix quote.

Here are some tips that can be done to maintain the condition of the windshield of the car remains durable, clear, and not scratched:

  1. Routinely clean the windshield, at least once a week. The presence of dust on the glass can add friction between the wiper and the glass. When moving, wipers that sweep the glass will be able to result in scratches if there is a lot of dust attached to the glass. This can be done by cleaning the windshield regularly once a week, as well as when washing the car. After washing, immediately dry the glass dry using a high absorbency cloth or commonly known as chamois until it is clean and completely dry.
  2. Make sure the wiper water tank is always filled. So that the wiper movement does not damage the glass, there must be water that launches the wiper movement. If rainwater is absent or lacking, make sure water to spray is available in the wiper tank. The wiper water also functions to shed dust and dirt off the glass, which is then swept and cleaned by the wiper.
  3. Change the wiper rubber periodically. Wiped rubber wipers, in addition to imperfect sweeping water in the glass, can also make the glass scratch. This can occur in rubber wipers equipped with bone in the form of iron plates. If the rubber folds or breaks, then the part of the bone that will come in contact with the glass.

Some of the above treatments are very important to always pay attention to so that the windshield looks clear and clean which will make the driver can see the conditions outside the car clearly.

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