What is Dedicated IP and What are its Benefits

What is Dedicated IP and What are its Benefits

IP addresses can be defined as an address given to your domain, so the Internet knows where to find you in a network. Shared and Dedicated IPs are two different types of IP addresses in use. 

Shared IPs have multiple domains assigned to one single IP address, while the dedicated IPs have one domain assigned to one IP.

Dedicated IP addresses can also be used to access your website instead of domain names. It also allows you to access your site without setting up the DNS, providing high speeds during heavy traffic load, and bring increased security. 

Reasons for having Dedicated IP addresses

There are many reasons for you to use dedicated IP addresses. We have listed some of them for you:

#1. Higher traffic load

If your website drives a large volume of traffic every day, you should choose to have a dedicated IP. It will help you maintain and increase the website speed, which in turn will eliminate the risk of the site crashing due to heavy traffic. 

#2. Security

SSL certificates are mandatory if you have an online store that allows customers to make customers through credit cards. You can install an SSL certificate on your server only if you have a dedicated IP address. It helps in improving security. 

#3. Protection from unrelated websites

Dedicated IP addresses are entirely assigned to your domain. That means you don’t have to face the consequences of someone else’s wrongdoing. It could be spamming or running unscrupulous scripts. It won’t put your server at risk and keep you at bay from the consequences. 

Advantages of Dedicated IP address

We have seen various reasons to have a dedicated IP address. The more you understand dedicated IP addresses, the more likely you will want to have one. Here are some of the crucial advantages of using a dedicated IP address.      

#1. Stability 

Dedicated IP addresses help you have a domain and hosting that is exclusive for you. You don’t have to worry about anyone else holding some space on your server.

Dedicated IP addresses make sure your domain is stable and ready for heavy traffic. It protects you from the threat of getting blacklisted for running wrong scripts on the server. It provides security through SSL certificates.

#2. Downtime 

IP addresses are refreshing all the time to check if any new information was updated on the server. It might lead to server downtime in some cases. A business cannot afford such frequent server downtime since they might lose potential clients. It can be avoided with dedicated IP addresses. 

#3. SEO friendly

Search engines use your IP address to locate you on the Internet. It helps you to rank your website easily on the SERP. If your site is hosted on a shared server, there is a fair chance of your website getting affected by enhanced threats and Google doesn’t want its visitors to find results that will intrude their systems. Hence, a dedicated server is considered more secure by search engines and rank you at the top.

 A dedicated server space like VPS Hosting helps you in tackling downtime and stability issues. VPS servers make sure that you get all the resources for hosting your site and make sure that they are exclusively available only for you. These servers help you own an independent dedicated IP for your website along with virtual space and resources for a smooth hosting experience along with enough resources.

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