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How ID Technology Can Save Your Company Money

How ID Technology Can Save Your Company Money

ID technology isn’t exactly breaking tech news. It has been around for over three decades and is essentially any device that can be used for identification, multi-factor authentication, access control, application processing or data storage. The most common examples of this tech include fingerprint scans, smart cards, RFID wristbands and facial recognition. These are powerful tools that organisations across the globe are now using to improve security. But that’s not all they can do. ID technology can actually save your organisation a significant amount of money, too. Read on to find out how.

Cashless Vending

ID technology is predominately used for banking and cashless vending. People can swiftly complete transactions without physically exchanging money thanks to credit cards and debit cards. These devices are also able to provide a multi-factor authentication which helps to safeguard against fraud. What’s more, cashless vending means that companies no longer need to worry about money being lost or stolen from their tills. Everything is done digitally.

Loyalty Schemes

Want to have a reoccurring source of income for your company? Then improve your relationship with customers by introducing a loyalty scheme. This is where ID technology comes in. Retailers and supermarkets alike have been utilising smart cards in their loyalty schemes for years. These cards can track how much money a customer has spent and then reward them with additional credit/perks. This encourages customers to return to redeem their points, thereby generating the organisation additional income.

Better Security

Not only can proper security make sure your business premises are safe but also save you money in the long run. By distributing ID cards among your employees, nobody without the correct authorisation can gain access to the facility or certain applications. This prevents theft from occurring on the property, saving companies a significant amount of money. ID cards can also discourage internal theft. As employees must use their cards if they want access to a resource, your business can easily find out who has stolen something. And that’s not all. ID technology is being developed to protect organisations from cyber-criminals, too.

Reduce Tardiness

Organisations can lose money to employees who are consistently turning up late to work. After all, time is money. However, ID technology can discourage tardiness and identify who is consistently arriving after everyone else. By implementing RFID wristbands into your organisation, for example, you can monitor what time each employee is clocking into work. Discover what else this product can do by searching for https://www.idcardsdirect.co.uk/.

Overall Efficiency

ID technology can also improve the overall efficacy of organisations, which translates into profit later down the line. For instance, transport facilities are able to cut down on queues by using contactless smart cards that allow customers to pay for their journeys in advance, so people never turn away from using their service. Meanwhile, offices can sync their printers with their smart card systems, speeding up this notoriously slow process.

These are the main ways that ID technology can help your organisation to … Read More..

What Causes Lost Company Data and what is the Solution?

What Causes Lost Company Data and what is the Solution?

The existence of data for a company is like a lump of gold whose value is truly immeasurable. Data is one of the crucial components in a company because it usually contains valuable information that should not be leaked to other people. That is why losing company data is a big disaster that befell a company.

Many things can cause data to be lost whether on purpose or not. Find out what can cause you to lose important data and find out solutions to solve it.

Cause of Loss of Corporate Data

The main cause of losing your company data is due to the absence of adequate software installation so that the data is lost due to viruses or being compromised. Installing this software is important not only on computers but also on smartphones. With this software, the data you enter into your computer system is more protected from viruses and hackers. Computers that don’t have security software will make it easier for hackers to break into company data.

This gets worse when you don’t regularly back up company data regularly. So, when there is data that is lost either due to hacking or being exposed to a virus, you do not have a data backup. It’s good, company data is not only stored in one system but several systems. So, in case of missing files on one of the servers, you will still have a backup.

The Solution to Solve Lost Company Data

Files residing on a computer will only be stored on that computer system. So, when a computer is exposed to a virus, the data will be easily lost. To solve this problem, it is necessary to update the system in the company computer network so that it is always running properly. Updating the computer system to a more sophisticated level will help reduce the risk of data loss.

Another alternative after upgrading a computer system is to use the cloud as storage. The cloud can be used as a storage area for an unlimited amount of data. In fact, Cloud-managed networks storage capacity can be increased as needed. All data that you enter into the computer, if the computer has done a cloud installation, the data is automatically stored in the cloud.

Since data is very important for a company, you should start backing up every file uploaded to the computing system and using cross-cloud backups.

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Myrtle Beach Merchant Services Company Offering Restaurant POS Systems and Bar Point-Of-Sale Equipment

Myrtle Beach Merchant Services Company Offering Restaurant POS Systems and Bar Point-Of-Sale Equipment

Running a restaurant or bar is not an easy job. Whether you are offering a quick-service or full-service dining experience to your customers, your restaurant needs to be a fast-moving, well-oiled machine. And for such machinery, a reliable POS system is a crucial cog. A point-of-sale system is the heart of your restaurant pos system and it can enhance customer service and streamline business processes. It can tackle virtually any function you can think of that will help optimize the operations of your restaurant or bar. For a reliable POS system in the Myrtle Beach area, you can count on Coastal POS.

Why Coastal POS For Credit Card Processing ?

Whether you run a tabled-based restaurant, a quick service restaurant, or a bar, your customers will always insist on a consistent and convenient service. This is where Coastal POS can help you get credit card processing. With years of experience in the industry, we are able to offer quality POS solutions and merchant services to all our clients. Our restaurant POS systems can help you in any way you could think of.

At Coastal POS, we are dedicated and committed to helping you grow your business. Following are some top reasons to choose us:

  • An Established and Stable Company

We have years of restaurant and bar POS system experience and we understand what such businesses want when it comes to POS solutions. Our POS systems offer you and your customers a convenient point-of-sale with strong functionality.

  • 100% Client-Focused

At Coastal POS, we understand the value of our clients. In fact, we know that our years of success is directly tied to the success of our clients.

  • The Most Secure Payments Processing Services

We provide complete POS experience and offer the most secure and convenient gateway in the industry. Not only will you like the margins on your hardware and services, you will also enjoy great credit card processing from Coastal POS. Furthermore, we can help merchants avoid large fines, reduce liability, and prevent fraud.

  • Up-to-Date Solutions

We are constantly enhancing and upgrading our POS systems and merchant account solutions so you can get the most up-to-date services possible.

Point-Of-Sale System Experts

Coastal POS have been providing POS solutions to the hospitality industry for many years to ensure the success of a wide variety of venue types. With many years of experience in point-of-sale systems and technology, we know what’s required to provide great customer service and secure greater profit margins and our Bar POS solutions help you achieve exactly that. Our point-of-sale systems allow you to analyze, convert, and expand your reach and revenue.

At Coastal POS, we know that the preparation, speed, and precision are needed to manage a successful restaurant or bar, and our state-of-the-art POS systems for restaurants and bars have been designed with each of these requirements in mind. In fact, all our products and services are developed and designed with the vastness of hospitality operations in mind while being … Read More..