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Factors To Consider When Choosing Pipeline Corrosion Protection Methods

Proper maintenance of a pipeline is what ensures long years of service where pipelines are concerned. Unprotected pipelines are therefore vulnerable to corrosion which can result in very high repair and replacement costs. There are several methods and technology in place currently that can help keep pipeline corrosion at bay like the cathodic protection, protective coatings and linings, inhibitors and careful material selection. While these methods extend the pipeline structural life, they fully safeguard the pipelines from corrosion. Choosing one that can work best for you is based on several factors. Here are some incredible tips to choosing a pipeline corrosion protection method.

It is very important to evaluate the environment as this is how you begin to learn about the choice that would work best in each instance. Educate yourself on this a little more via the use of websites and also read the reviews of those that have done this before. You can also bring in a structural engineer’s advice as this will help you pick the most effective method.

Thinking of the costs is also very important. None of the options mentioned come cheaply but the one that offers you the best service and makes economic sense to you is the option to get. Compare at the quotes and see to it that not only are you getting the best solution for the pipeline you have in mind but that you are also getting best material along with it.

One of the methods of pipeline protection is cathodic protection. Cathodic protection uses electric currents to protect the external surface metal pipelines from being corroded. It is best used for metal pipelines that are either underground or in water because external corrosion is bound to happen and this method of protection counteracts it. For the metal pipelines that are yet to be installed, cathodic protection can be used to prevent the onset of corrosion.

Another way of pipeline corrosion protection is choosing the right pipeline materials. This needs to be done at the very beginning so that the materials selected are resistant to corrosion. The more resistant to corrosion of the material is, the longer the lifespan of the pipeline. The surrounding environment of the pipeline will determine the kind of material you will choose.

All in all, the environment where the pipeline will be installed determines the kind of material to be used and if there will be corrosion. If you consider the materials and even do cathodic protection without first considering the environment, you might be disappointed when corrosion happens anyway. Before the pipeline is installed, it would be wise to modify the environment to make it dry and suitable for the kind of pipelines you are planning to have installed.

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