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Reasons Why People Should use E book Platform

Technology has facilitated smooth learning process since people can access digital platforms. All the relevant information that the students may require can be access through the use of computers and tablets. Before one can start using the electronic gadgets, they need the training to facilitate the smooth learning process. Before one can download the e- book in their tablets or computers; they should have internet connections such as Wi-fi. Schools that offer E book curricular provide the tablets for their students so they can gather information from a similar source. E books have the following benefits.

People will get e- book in their tablets or computers after downloading. Students may be forced to move from one bookstore to another searching for the printed version. People may get tired as a result of moving from one bookstore in search of the printed version. E -books can be downloaded and read on different devices. When one breaks or loses their tablets they can download the information in the computers and progress with their learning. The print version will require people to go and buy the textbooks if the books get lost.

E – books do not require storage facilities like the printed version. The books are stored in the computers and the tablets so people do not have to worry about the space that will be used to store the books. Carrying printed version of books will require students to use the bags. E -books require the flash disks to carry a lot of books. Unlike the printed versions which are usually expensive, e-books are cost effective. When one buys several printed versions; they will end up spending a lot of money. The amount of money needed to download e-books s minimal and this will be of advantage to most people.

Reading is made easy through the availability of different fonts in e-books. If the learners have problems with their eyesight, they can read the words clearly since the fonts can be adjusted. The printed version limits students to read what is written regardless of their special needs. The format that the e-books have enables different learning skills to be incorporated such as the videos and hearing speeches. This will make them remember most of the things they are taught . Many e-books have audiobooks with inbuilt features. People who want to listen to the information given can do so since the audio features will make it happen.

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