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How Machine Learning Can Revolutionize Medicine

What Is Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is the process in which a machine uses statistical techniques and extensive data sets to “learn” without being programmed. So many major technological advancements have been made because of this incredible technology. A few well known examples are: self driving cars, mobile check deposits, and the sequence of the human genome (no big deal).


Machine learning has proven to be valuable in multiple industries because it saves money and streamlines arduous manual processes. If you are curious as to how machine learning fits into the medical landscape and improves healthcare delivery, keep reading!


How Artificial Intelligence Has Revolutionized the World

Artificial intelligence is often a topic of controversy. Many individuals feel that if the technology becomes too advanced, it could replace the need for humans in several industries. This would leave possibly thousands without jobs and negatively affect the economy. Because artificial intelligence can perform the same functions as humans with greater efficiency and less cost, this can truly be a problem we face in the future. But at the moment, artificial intelligence proves to be a great tool for individuals and companies to use.


With its ability to speed up internal processes and streamline manual labor, it allows employees to spend more time on tasks that actually matter to their company. By employing AI in the workplace, managers are able to spend more time building out strategy rather than compiling data and building reports for bookkeeping purposes. At the end of the day, AI has changed the business field for the better.

Applying ML to Medicine

So how does all of this fancy technology apply to medicine? In so many ways! This technology allows clinics and hospitals to handle more patients at the same time and provide the same level of care. Moreover, it allows doctors and nurses to provide a more personalized treatment. By having patients’ records available at the touch of a tablet and equipment that provides detailed scans, doctors can give patients diagnosis and treatments within one visit. This would have been impossible 50 years ago!


Like most industries in the technological era, the medical field is changing rapidly. Automation is a necessity in the present and the future if healthcare professionals are to push out their life saving research into the field. Currently, there are several ML algorithms used to diagnose disease and mutations. In fact, Google has created an algorithm that detects breast cancer in mammograms with 89{64d5ce5bede23e8209612f9abb16f74e6465cf83bf77ab0952ae48a9412f0e46} accuracy. Given that breast cancer the third most deadly form of cancer, this level of accuracy in the detection phase could save so many lives. As we continue to develop and discover, these algorithms will continue to get better and help doctors identify and treat even more complex diseases.


Over time, data will prove to be a major asset in the medical field. This is because as processes become increasingly digitized, it … Read More..

We Are Now Streamlined with Our Sales

We Are Now Streamlined with Our Sales

When I was hired on as a sales manager for a mid-sized company, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. There were several different sales departments with each one focused on a different aspect of what the company offers. I had no intention of merging all of this together because it was actually a formula that works quite well. I knew that each department was going to have to undergo improved sales training though because there was no formal training to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Normally when a company I am with has good sales, I tend to let the salespeople go with what works for them. This company was an exception though because some of the customers are rotated between the different divisions. The customers were not getting the same level of customer service from our salespeople, and that had to change.… Read More..

Snatched out of My Hand

Snatched out of My Hand

One of the oddest things happened to me while I was out last week. I went to the market to buy some vegetables, and after getting out of my car and locking it, a bird flew down and took my keys right out of my hand with its beak. It was a pretty big bird and I tried to chase after it, but it had flown so high that I had no chance of getting it. At that point, I stopped thinking about the reason I came to the market and looked for a mobile locksmith in Brisbane on my phone so I could get back into my car.

I was able to find a locksmith and told him about my problem.… Read More..

My New Eyelashes Are Stunning

My New Eyelashes Are Stunning

I wanted to have nicer eyelashes, but there was just no way to do that with makeup. I have tried just about every brand of mascara there is, but none looked good on me because of the sheer amount that I had to put on to give any kind of definition to my eyelashes. I had even tried fake eyelashes, but I did not like how they felt on me. Even if no one else could tell they were not real, I could. I thought I was just meant to have brittle eyelashes until I found Feg eyelash enhancer during a random search one day.

I was looking for eyelash ideas, but I really did not have anything in my mind to look for other than that. When I saw that Feg was one of the top search results, that piqued my interest quite a bit. I clicked on the site to learn more about it, and I am so very thankful that I did. What I learned was Feg is a brilliant product that helps people who are exactly like me.… Read More..

Don’t Open Pandora’s Box Too Soon

Don’t Open Pandora’s Box Too Soon

My husband started with a new company last year and while we had to move across the country, I had to go and spend some time looking at the different apartments ahead of when we were going to move. My husband is going to be away on business with this company and I want to make sure that I am going to be in a place where I can walk to the beach and also not have to worry about things like mud slides. I was coming from the East Coast to the bright and sunny West Coast. I would rather go ahead and spend a week by myself to see where I was going to be living, especially since I was going to be alone a lot of the time. My friends told me that they wanted to go and spend some time with me as soon as I got out there.

I was so happy to find a place that was within our budget. I called my husband right away and he was happy that I was so happy.… Read More..